Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Best Parts of Being a Writer

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

We all know there are aspects of choosing to write for a living that can make life tough. It’s easy to get focused on just the negatives. Today I want us to celebrate the best parts of being a writer!

My 15 Favorite Things About Being a Writer
1. We get to use our own experiences—good and bad—to impact others. I’ve learned that we all share a lot of the same fears, hopes and struggles. Writing gives me a chance to share what I’ve been through and watch it impact others.

2. We hear voices in our heads and it’s completely normal. Not only is it normal, but it’s downright scary when our imaginary friends stop talking to us

3. I can buy books and write it off. Books are some of my favorite things in the whole world. Now I need to buy them to further my career.

4. We can take revenge on those who irritate us. Of course we don’t make them recognizable, but it makes us feel better when we can expose their actions in our books. After all, there’s a reason for that old saying, the pen is mightier than the sword.

We get to work in our pajamas. 
5. We get to work in our pajamas. Or at least in comfy clothes. There’s something to be said for working at home where we don’t have to worry about how we look.

6. I get to be the boss. I’m a total control freak, so being in charge fits my personality perfectly. I’m in charge of me, my schedule (to a certain degree) and I get to tell my characters what to do.

7. We get to be friends with other writers – and some of them are famous. Some of my first heroes were authors. Now, I’m friends with other writers and get to hang out with the people I’ve always admired.

8. We get to research anything we want. I like to think of it as a healthy curiosity. I refuse to accept my husband’s description of me as nosey.

9. We get to hang out in coffee shops and libraries. I love the atmosphere of coffee shops and libraries. As a writer, I have a legitimate reason for hanging out there.

10. I get to buy pens and paper. Again, these are some of my favorite things. But since I earn my living as a writer, I have to have them for my business.

11. We get paid to make things up. No, not when we’re writing articles and things like that. But for those of us who write fiction, we get to create everything from our imagination.

We get fan mail.
12. We get fan mail. It’s not the fan mail exactly that’s the best. For me it’s hearing from someone I don’t know that has been touched by the words I wrote. I love getting to see glimpses of God working through me.

13. I get to be weird. Writers look at the world a little differently. We can embrace that because people expect it. No need to hide behind a mask of normalcy.

14. All those hours of daydreaming are legitimate work time. Even if we write nonfiction, we still have to come up with new and different ways to present the information. That means time spent thinking and dreaming is a workday requirement.

15. We are courageous enough to follow our dreams. We talk a lot about the fears that come with being a writer. It’s important to never forget the courage it takes to following our dreams. That's something we should celebrate!

These are my 15 favorite things about being a writer. What’s your favorite thing? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Great way to start my day. Loved reading this, Edie. In my pajamas, of course!

  2. Edie, I loved this too. And I feel so validated with the whole thing: pajamas, being the boss, and words that dance in my head looking for an exit. :-) Thank you for reminding us of all the "pros" when we sometimes focus on the "cons."

    1. Karen, it's really easy to focus on the wrong thing. I definitely needed this reminder! Blessings, E

  3. Edie, I loved this. I must add that #16 for me is the warm & fuzzy feeling I get knowing my high school English teacher is watching with pride as I seek to learn the craft of writing unprompted. I had zero interest when I was her student, but she never backed off her encouragement or drilling down. She loved poetry and reading all the classic writers in literature. She loved the English language, correct grammar, and creativity. She was never off duty. I ran into her years later in an assisted living facility. She was frail, but she was still reading, writing, and teaching anyone who would listen. How could she know I would finally "get it" forty years later? So my #16 is knowing that what we write - like.good deeds - can inspire and bring joy beyond our time here. This is a keeper. Thanks for a brilliant reminder.

    1. Jay, I've lost touch with my high school English teacher, but I hope she has seen the seed she planted grow. Thanks for adding to the list! Blessings, E

  4. For us introverts, I'd like to add that writing is a uniquely singular activity where the pressures to conform to the norms of the group are nonexistent. Conversely, we have no one to blame for our failures. Each of us must make the decision to put fingers to keyboard; otherwise, our stories will not get written. No one else can write them for us.

    1. Dennis, that's a great addition! Thanks for sharing, Blessings, E

  5. Just shared this on FB. Thanks for point it out.

  6. I love this post so much!! How 'bout 3-B? We get to sit on the beach (insert favorite reading spot) and read a book and call it work!
    I love #13, but #15 is my favoritest one!!!

  7. Edie: I like number seven (#7). When I was in a writing group, one of the women often said, "No on understands a writer like another writer." I had a situation yesterday and sent off an e-mail to several of my blogging friends and ALL of them responded with helpful thoughts.

  8. Edie, It is also nice to be able to look back at what you have written, when you can no longer remember that you wrote it, and be able to think "I like that. Wonder who the author is?" It is like finding little pieces of oneself lying about. I read your blog everyday, though I may not always comment. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Celebrating with you today. Personally I'm celebrating with coffee. In my new most fave mug of all time (and oh, there WILL be pictures). :) Thanks for the fun read today!

  10. My favorite is definitely "All those hours of daydreaming are legitimate work time." For years I did this BEFORE I had any inkling to write. LOL! Which only reinforced #13. So glad God was preparing the soil for later years!

  11. All of these are good. Although I've not yet earned a dime as a writer (waiting, hopefully, for royalties), I have received "fan mail." The best part for me so far is to hear the words, "I was blessed by your book."