Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Haiku Challenge

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

This time of year, between Christmas and New Year's is a sort of no-man's land for me. It's a time to rest, reflect, and get ready for the year to come. I have good intentions of working this week, but life—and laziness—seems to intrude.

Today I'd like to offer a something fun to do. 

Join me in a Haiku Challenge.

The rules are simple.
  • Follow the standard Haiku format
    • 5 syllables
    • 7 syllables
    • 5 syllables
  • Explore the subject of Why Do You Write?
  • Post your Haiku (or more than one) in the comments section below along with your name.
  • I'll leave the contest open until midnight on Friday (EST)
Here are three I wrote, just to get you started:

Why I Write
A Life speeding by
Chaos buries me alive
Writing resurrects

Why I Write
Words flow from fingers
Images captured in ink
Black and white colors my world

Why I Write
God gave me a gift
Sharp words cut into my soul
Bloodletting brings peace

Stretch your writing muscles as we get ready for the new year. Oh, and just to entice you a little bit more, I'm going to draw a name from those who leave a Haiku in the comments section for a $15 Amazon gift card.

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  1. Hi Edie,

    Happy New Year! It has been years since I wrote a haiku. Here goes:

    Soul-less blank pages;
    The solace of His Spirit;
    A peace emerges.

    1. Joel, this is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing! Blessings, E

  2. Such a challenge Edie. My offering:
    Life emerges dark
    Canticles stir my spirit
    Writing brings in light

  3. Emme, that is beautiful! I can see your spirit in the words. Thanks so much for sharing! Blessings, E

  4. Oh, this looks fun! :)

    Slowly I now drag
    The pen across the smooth page
    New, fresh lives appear

    ~Faith, a follower who never remembers to comment

    1. Two more I came up with....

      Why I write they ask
      For the friendship of those
      Living in my mind

      Stories swirl about
      Taunting me with their suspense
      Continue now they

  5. Heart that opens wide
    When pen across pages glide
    Grins and giggles rule

  6. Beautiful Haiku! Each perfectly expresses this journey called writing.

    Swirling ideas
    Roaring glimpses of story
    Dreams put to paper

    by Angie, a follower who occasionally remembers to comment (love it, Faith)

  7. I love this challenge! Happy New Year and thanks for all you do to educate and encourage us. Here is my haiku:

    The voices in my
    head, tell stories constantly
    Writing gives them breath.

  8. Stories, trapped inside,
    Escape through fingers, dancing
    Across my keyboard

  9. Emotions gather;
    Understanding grows within.
    Writing expresses.

  10. If I didn’t write
    My head would explode and words
    Would fall out of it

  11. To see on paper
    from boundaries deep within:
    life layers, in ink.

  12. Souls in the darkness.
    Hearts that need God's hope and love.
    A light to be shared.

    1. Sweet! Just like you, Katie.

    2. Thank you! That's my heart and I know many writers who feel the same way. Like you, Cherrilynn. Thank you, too, Miz jan.

  13. Robed in God's amour,
    Pen hope in truth, righteousness,
    Peace, faith, victory.

  14. A whale eats plankton
    willow tree yearns for water
    keyboard lives to tap

  15. Writing is our time.
    His affections outpouring,
    Engraved on my heart.

  16. Writing reminds me
    God chooses the lowly ones.
    Thankful this vessel's broken.

  17. So many wonderful Haiku's
    God's glory is why
    I have chosen to write
    my obedience

  18. And just for fun and for those who know me:

    I write to attend
    Writing conferences as
    The resident klutz.

    1. Hahahaha! I KNOW who Miz Jan is! Thanks for the laugh!

  19. Saying good things through
    Words like beads in a bracelet.
    Craft. Fun. Change around.

  20. Moved to create it.
    Raging imagination.
    High purpose, best fun.

  21. To you I was sent
    To learn some about writing
    You didn’t disappoint! *smile*

    I was referred to your site by Susan Stillwell of You have been a tremendous source of information! Thank you.

    Mary Bonner

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  23. Reaching forth to span
    The chasm of loneliness
    Where words draw a bridge

    Thanks for the challenge, Edie. I've been reading your blog on and off since early 2013. I just never commented before.
    Love to you from Arizona.

  24. These are all so AMAZING!!! I wish I could have commented on each one individually. Blessings, E

  25. Anyone who knows me know this Haiku is true!

    My desk in chaos
    My bookshelves overflowing
    Serving is messy

  26. Lessons learned from God
    Burning to be shared with others
    So I write and write

    Haven't written a haiku in some time. Thanks for the challenge.

  27. When I am speaking
    People always interrupt.
    When I write, they can't.

  28. When I am speaking
    People always interrupt.
    When I write, they can't.

  29. Softer voices speak
    Crescendos of words rising
    Are finally heard.

  30. Softer voices speak
    Crescendos of words rising
    Are finally heard.

  31. Voices in my head
    Conversing with each other
    Writing brings sweet peace.

  32. This contest is now closed. Look for the winner announced on Monday, January 4, 2016. Thank you all for sharing such inspiring words! Blessings, E