Monday, April 20, 2015

Get Your Blog Found with Proper Labels & Tags

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

I get the opportunity to evaluate a lot of blogs, from writers I meet with at conferences to clients. And they all have many of the same questions. One of the most common is what are some tips to help their blogs get found.

There’s one easy answer—proper tagging/labeling with each post.

When I give this answer, I get a lot of blank looks. This is one critical step a lot of blogger miss when posting a blog. Today, I’m going to give you the tools that make labeling/tagging a breeze and immediately help your blog come up in the search engine rankings.

Tags and Labels: these two mean the exact same things. It just depends on which blogging platform you use.
Blogger: uses the term labels. Below is a screenshot of where you find the place to add LABELS on a blogger site.
Where to find LABELS in Blogger
WordPress: uses the term tags. Below is a screenshot of where you find the place to add TAGS on a WordPress site.
Where to find TAGS in WordPress

Even though successful tagging may seem like a complicated formula—one part magic and two parts luck—it’s more of a game and not nearly as difficult as you may think.

A keyword is like a label. It's a short way—although almost always more than one word in length—to state the purpose of your article/blog post. Posts can have several keyword groups or only one.

Targeted Labels/Tags make your posts easier to find when a topic is typed into a search engine. When your individual blog posts begin showing up in the top, it will drive up the visibility of your site.

The picture below is a screenshot of where my blog post about the 2015 Facebook changes showed up in a Google search. Just FYI, it's number 4 out of about 416,000,000. Not bad. 

Warning, Brief Geek Content
To understand how tagging can help your blog post get found (or lost in the sea of other blogs) you do have to understand a little about search engines. Search engines crawl the Internet searching and sorting all the information. In the simplest of terms, the more your information about and on your page matches up, the higher you rank.

Now, for those of you who truly understand search engines, you know this is way over simplifying the concept. Lots of other things come into count when your post is ranked, but tagging correctly will get you way on down the road!

Basics of Proper Labels & Tags
1. Your labels/tags are usually a group of words, not just an individual word.

2. Always use your blog post title as one of your labels/tags.

3. Always us your name as one of your labels/tags.

4. If it’s different from your name, always include your blog title (for example, my blog title is The Write Conversation) as one of the labels/tags.

5. Come up with a couple of phrases that relate to the focus of your individual post.

Here are the labels/tags I used for this specific post:
Edie Melson, The Write Conversation, Get Your Blog Found with Proper Labels & Tags, Blogging for Writers, Successful SEO, Social Media Monday

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  1. Wow. I have not done this. Thank you for showing me. I will go initiate my labels now. Thank you for your investment to help us. You rock, Edie.

    1. Cherrilynn, it does make a huge difference on helping our blogs get found. I'm glad I could help! Blessings, E

  2. I do a lot of labeling, but this helps me even more, Edie. Thank you!!

    1. Ane, you do a good job on your site and the posts I see you write elsewhere. Glad I could add even more info to help! Blessings, E

  3. I have a blog on Wordpress, so I just googled one of the tags from my latest post. It came up on the fourth page, but with a different website. When I clicked on it, it said page not found. What does that mean?

    1. Jennifer, tags are assigned to anyone in particular. It means someone else wrote a blog post or article and used that same tag, then took the page down. Good question! Thanks, E

  4. Your advice is like gold, as always, and helped me immensely with adding some labels to my blog when you critiqued for me at Writers Boot Camp. It's great to be reminded of the things sometimes easily forgotten when we are posting.

    1. Barbara, I'm always glad to help! You've got a great site and it's growing. Thanks for stopping by, Blessings, E

  5. I always learn something new from your posts. I didn't think about tagging the title, my name, and blog name on my posts. Thanks for the info!

    1. Ginger, it's important to remember that name recognition is vital in this business. I tag my name on EVERYTHING I can without offending anyone. Thanks for sharing! Blessings, E

  6. Ditto to Ginger's comment. Thank you for another helpful post!

  7. I label my name on a group blog, but never thought to do it on my own, nor to add the blog title and post title. I've been too generic, I guess, because I've hated the look of so many labels on the side. I never thought of the SEO aspects of restricting labels/tags. Thanks for the great ideas!

  8. Wow, this was very helpful. I had a tag of my blog name but didn't know I could put my own name or other short words that pertain to my post. Can I change the tag words with each blog post?

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